Beyond Borders: Gaurav and Sharon Srivastava Family Foundation Advocates for Change in Food and Energy Security with Impactful Mission

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New York, NY, 3rd February 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, The Gaurav & Sharon Srivastava Family Foundation, an American-based organization established in 2015, announces its unwavering commitment to addressing urgent global challenges in food and energy security. With a mission extending beyond borders, the foundation employs an on-the-ground, from-the-inside-out approach to create meaningful change.

Food and energy insecurity are escalating concerns that demand immediate attention. The foundation recognizes the impending depletion of the world’s oil reserves in less than 50 years, underscoring the urgency to address these issues now. As part of their mission, Gaurav & Sharon Srivastava Family Foundation is dedicated to understanding the intricate connection between food and energy, and their advocacy aims to bring this critical conversation to the forefront.

Founders Gaurav and Sharon Srivastava established the foundation as an opportunity to combine their human-centric outlooks and accelerate their impact on a global scale. As proud American citizens dedicated to serving others, they bring a unique perspective to humanitarianism. Leveraging their backgrounds in international community service and expertise in solving financial and security-related challenges, Gaurav and Sharon are well-equipped to address the complex food and energy security conflicts faced globally.

The foundation’s approach goes beyond providing immediate resources. They are actively involved in transforming communities into safe havens that feel like home. By immersing themselves in the physical communities that need support, the foundation works to change policies at the root of current systems, aiming to raise awareness of food and energy security not only within the United States but also globally, creating a collective movement for change.

“Our focus is on the greater good, with a commitment to securing food and energy access for families worldwide. We believe in putting humanity at the heart of the food-energy connection,” stated Gaurav & Sharon Srivastava Family Foundation.


Food Security

In addressing food security, the foundation recognizes that 828 million people live in hunger. They acknowledge that the crisis of food insecurity is complex, perpetuated by socioeconomic and political factors such as inequality, conflict, discrimination, and flawed health systems. The foundation is dedicated to becoming a major force involved in securing food for those in need now and for generations to come.

Energy Security

From farm to table, energy is essential in every step of the food production process. The foundation recognizes that economic status, physical location, and international relations create barriers for disadvantaged areas to access reliable energy sources. They are actively working to bring awareness to the essential intersection of food and energy by providing people with information from the ground up.

Global Food Security Forum

As a co-host of the Global Food Security Forum, the Gaurav and Sharon Srivastava Family Foundation joins other food security leaders in creating bold solutions to strengthen food systems, secure supply chains, and fight world hunger. With a focus on affecting policy change and creating worldwide impact, the foundation is dedicated to fostering crucial discussions and initiatives at the global level.

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