DNTP: a new solution for electronic health records

The medical and healthcare professionals need to maintain accurate health records of the patients, and these records need to be shared among different medical and healthcare institutions so that the medical staff can read the medical history comprehensively and avoid missing the important information. At this stage, the medical staff have used Electronic Health Records […]

TREX: Blow the Horn of the Area of Financial Revolution

The global finance is developing rapidly, and the digital asset transaction has entered the public’s vision with a self-confident posture. Nowadays, blockchain technology has been recognized by the common people, and has been successfully implemented and applied in various industries, and its value also has been recognized by people more and more. The financial investment […]

Guizhou MTOS Relaunched to Promote International Exchanges and Cooperation

From September 26 to 28, the 2021 International Conference of Mountain Tourism and Outdoor Sports (MTOS) and the 16th Guizhou Tourism Industry Development Conference, with the theme of “Deepening Industry Integration to Improve Tourism Quality”, will be held in Tongren city, Guizhou province, and people from all over the world including representatives of internationally renowned cultural and tourism enterprises, internationally renowned mountain tourism experts […]

“Kai Xin Culture” Benefits the People by Cultivating Online and Offline Simultaneously

“Kai” and “Xin”, these two Chinese characters combined together can be used to describe the feeling of happiness and satisfaction, but the combination is also a phrase which means “open (one’s) heart”. As is known to all, this heart stands for not only a body organ but also human’s wisdom or even the soul or spirit […]

UniArt’s impossible art formula gallery bring bottom-up NFT appreciation with vote mining on 30th Sep

Preamble Recently, “Loot” has been spreading virally throughout the crypto community. Industry key opinion leaders (KOLs), founders of quality projects, and investment institutions all pay close attention to the emerging “bottom-up” concept, and more community members are excited about it. Despite the term bottom-up only recently coming into the limelight, in essence, the philosophy may […]

Lumino Ceremony Uses A Combination Of Zero-Knowledge Proof And Blockchain To Solve The Limitations Of Privacy And Data Security

The loss of Internet data leakage is gradually increasing, and data privacy will be the key development focus of the industry. According to BM Security assessment, the average cost of global data leakage in 2018 was $3.86 million, which was 6.4% higher than that in 2017. In addition to that, the assessment also shows that large-scale data […]