HogwartsLabs Secures $8M in Funding to Drive Innovation and Growth

HogwartsLabs announced today the successful completion of its Pre-A funding round, cumulatively raising $8 million. Hogwarts Labs accelerates mass adoption by developing dApps and Appchain for Web3 & AI. The funding is led by HashGlobal, MatrixPartner, Xin Family and DHVC. With participation from SevenX, Alliance, SKY9, NGC Ventures, EVG, No Limit Holdings, Stratified Capital, Old […]

FlyFin Debuts “FlyFin TaxGPT” – the First Generative AI Service Focused on the Tax Domain

FlyFin TaxGPT: AI-powered tax advice for freelancers and self-employed individuals San Jose, CA, United States, 2nd Jun 2023 – FlyFin, the world’s premier AI-powered tax preparation and filing service, today unveiled “FlyFin TaxGPT” — a new generative service based on OpenAI’s GPT-4 large multi-modal model. FlyFin designed, trained and optimized FlyFin TaxGPT to focus on […]

Top-Rated Orthodontist in Iowa Obstructive Sleep Apnea Report Launched

Mergen Orthodontics has published a new article entitled, “Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) – Silently Smothering Our Children” which explores how obstructive apnea occurs and why a properly trained orthodontist can ensure early treatment. Folks looking for life-changing treatment for their child and other interested individuals can view the full article at MergenOrthodontics/Blog. Mergen Orthodontics has […]

MA Services Group Unveils Pinterest Page to Boost Community Engagement

MA Services Group, a leading provider of security services and comprehensive service solutions in Australia, is excited to announce the launch of its new Pinterest page. The page, which can be viewed here https://www.pinterest.com.au/maservicesaustralia/ will serve as a platform to highlight MASG’s community impact, employee achievements, and its wide range of services. Since its inception […]

Virginia Farms Celebrates 20 Years of Providing Expert Farm Advice in Virginia

With two decades of experience in the industry, Virginia Farms has established itself as a trusted resource for individuals seeking guidance on a wide range of farm-related matters. From finding the perfect farm property to offering valuable insights into agricultural practices, the company has consistently delivered exceptional service to its valued clientele. Over the years, […]

Soothing Sounds App: Relax and Unwind with the Ultimate Sleep Companion

Discover the perfect companion for a restful night’s sleep with the Soothing Sounds app. Immerse yourself in a collection of calming sounds, from gentle raindrops to tranquil waves, designed to create a serene environment for deep relaxation. Experience the power of sound therapy and enhance sleep quality today. Download Soothing Sounds now. In today’s fast-paced […]

Window Decals Hull Unveils Custom Graphic Solutions by Todo Designs

Todo Designs, a leading provider of exquisite window decals, is revolutionizing the way Hull residents personalize their living and working spaces. With their exceptional collection of custom creations, Todo Designs offers an unparalleled opportunity to add a touch of elegance, style, and personality to any environment. For more information please visit: https://tododesigns.com/window-decals-hull-personalise-your-home-or-business-with-custom-creations/ Window decals have […]