CNT uses blockchain technology to help “carbon neutralization”

At a critical moment when environmental problems are increasingly affecting human survival, the world recognizes that achieving “carbon neutralization” is a necessary stage to slow down global warming. Statistics show that more than 120 countries and two-thirds of the economies have joined the great transformation of “carbon neutrality”.  At present, carbon emission trading is considered […]

The unique community-driven decentralized trading platform in the TECO ecosystem-TDEX

With the rapid development of the globalization of the encryption industry, countries and regions have higher and higher requirements for practitioners. Technology drives industry innovation. International policies, and the introduction and supervision of national laws and regulations drive the birth of a new generation of products. TDEX is one of them. Because the TECO ecosystem […]

Bit.Store is expecting to become an indispensable tool for Bitcoin investors

With the global spread of the Covid pandemic, more countries or regions have gradually begun to suffer severe economic losses, which has slowed down the economic growth in many countries and increasingly caused serious inflation. Although most regions do not have as severe inflation as Venezuela, cash assets seem to be gradually depreciating at a […]

FIRST IN SINGAPORE – BitDATA Exchange the first to launch physical Digital Payment Token Service Centre in Singapore’s Central Business District

Following the launch of its mobile app in July  2021, BitDATA Exchange (BitEx) Singapore, a homegrown regulated digital assets exchange, continues to unfold milestones with the expansion of business operations in Singapore. Located at the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District, BitEx has set up its first Over The Counter (OTC) service desk at GB […]

The 17th China International SME Fair and the 1st SME International Cooperation Summit come to successful conclusion

On the afternoon of September 18, the Organizing Committee of China International SME Fair held a press conference, releasing the achievements of the 17th China International SME Fair and the 1st SME International Cooperation Summit and answering reporters’ questions. According to Mrs. Wu Hong, deputy director-general of Department of Industry and Information Technology of Guangdong […]

HRD:A popular NFT circulation protocol

According to market news, many users of Twitter, Reddit, Telegram and other media are reposting and commenting on a GitHub open-source project called the HRD protocol. It is reported that this protocol is the first NFT standard circulation protocol based on the perpetual combinatorial auction. Its own cross-chain oracle transmits information of NFTs, then with the help of liquidity pools,it can solve the problem of NFT […]

Slope Finance Launches Slope Wallet, Providing Slope DEX And Slope NFTs Market Users with An Improved User Experience

Founded in 2017, Solana, akin to Ethereum, is a high-performance blockchain that scales today. It was built to support crypto applications that run on smart contracts, automated bits of code that remove intermediaries from transactions. On top of Solana, Slope Finance recently launched Slope Wallet. As the first mobile gateway built for Solana, it provides Slope […]

Softbank Asia invests in CNT project, enabling “carbon neutralization”

Softbank Asia recently launched a special investment fund of US $10 million to officially invest in CNT projects, boost CNT global carbon neutralization plan, giving full play to the function of carbon emission trading market, using blockchain technology to solve basic problems in carbon emission trading market and optimize carbon emission trading market.  The CNT Foundation is […]