Well-grounded ensures success! Will Whitecoin be the next 1000x coin?

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After over one decade of developing, crypto currency has become more acceptable by investors. The total market capitalization increases at a fast speed. Until March 13th, Bitcoin’s unit-price is over $60,000, the market value is over 1.12 trillion. Since December 16th 2020, the price was $20,000, until March 13th it was over $60,000. The Bitcoin price rise $40,000 within only three months.

Meanwhile, since last year March, ETH has risen from its lowest $80 to $2000 until February this year. The price, hit a new record, inflated nearly 23 times.

The rise of ETH is credited to the strong ecology of DeFi, but the rising of trading fee and the net work traffic became a problem. Investor was focusing on DeFi project, and then they transfer to other public chain. That’s when a lot of mainnets caught their opportunity, Binance Smart Chain(BSC), Huobi(Heco) and many had achieved a good performance during this time.

Whitecoin is one of those mainnets.

According to CMC data, Whitecoin’s total return on investment is over 74190%, which is only on step away from 1000 times rate of increase.

Seven years of preparation, today is the time to expand!

Whitecoin, short for XWC, is a community decentralization blockchain program, it was founded in 2014 spring. Whitecoin develop team are mostly from Netherlands, Germany, Finland and Australia, etc.

Whitecoin is a public chain through innovative Multi Tunnel Blockchain Communication Protocol (MTBCP), to make interconnection between blockchains. It’s an important component of Whitecoin ecosystem. Via Random Proof of Stake (RPOS) agreement, Whitecoin Axis, Whitecoin wallet, Decentralized mine pool and Smart contract platform to constitute a cross-chain block chain ecosystem.

In the last seven years, Whitecoin has witnessed the rise and fall of blockchain industry, during which Whitecoin has been building up its technology, community, ecology to shape itself to a strong fort.

Back in 2018, Whitecoin has already became one of the first 78 coins rated by Weiss Ratings.

In 2019, Whitecoin completed a brand new upgrade. After the upgrade it became a cross-chain project with originality. Whitecoin adapt RPOS mechanism, achieved cross-chain asset management, cross-chain transfer swap, cross-chain value transmit and other functions.

After Whitecoin upgrading it’s main network, it became a high-performance public-chain that supports cross-chain trading, which has intelligent contracts and decentralized exchange. It achieved the cross-chain circulation of existing block chain (BTC, LTC, ETH, etc.), multi asset management of the chain. Through Multi Tunnel Blockchain CommunicaTlon Protocol (MTBCP) and enter the Whitecoin ecology, break through block chain barriers, create a new blockchain world of interconnection.

Among the five technology of cross-chain, Whitecoin is using the most difficult Hybrid mechanism. Comparing to other slow progressing technical system, Whitecoin chooses relay + distributed private key control mode to achieve cross-chain technology.

After Whitecoin public chain upgraded, it transfer from a decentralized projects into an active blockchain project with rich ecological applications. The applications are including self-support coin publish, social DAPP, cloud storage DAPP, game DAPP, etc.

Not only limited to the gradual improvement of the ecosystem, Whitecoin also have a strong community system. Based on the experience of popular digital currency history, to design a perfect community has always been a great concern in the blockchain world. Whitecoin has designed a complete community governance mechanism with Miner, Wallfacer, Swordholders. The three manage cross chain assets through consensus collaboration, they make and modify the community rules.

According to Coinmarketcap data, Whitecoin project has successfully listed at ZB.COM、Bittrex and several heads of industry exchange.

Well Established Brand Will Show Its Power

At now, DeFi is one of the biggest hot spots in the blockchain industry. All kinds of DeFi products derived from the assets have also attracted many investors to join them.

As a block chain project with seven years of experience, Whitecoin is focusing on DeFi ecosystem development. DEX Tokenswap is dedicated to provide solutions for the cross chain ecological shortcoming in the second half of DeFi. Meanwhile it is compatible the main chain token and other public chain asset of Whitecoin, to make a cross-chain all asset DEX for DeFi.

In addition, Whitecoin established a two million dollar DeFi Foundation. This foundation will support all projects in Whitecoin ecosystem.

Depend on Whitecoin cross-chain ecology, DeFi project can apply Whitecoin with ten thousand times per second TPS and expansion pack, including BTC, ETH, LTC and more public chain’s cross-chain system, expand a broader of application scenario and break through the current bottleneck of the single chain.

What else performance does Whitecoin have? Why is it outstanding among cross-chain? Let me introduce in specific.

Cross-chain interconnection

The innovative Multi Tunnel Blockchain Blockchain Communication Protocol (MTBCP) took the lead in realizing the value interconnection between block chains. Achieve cross chain function, it’s also a great significance to the current blockchain field:

The value interconnection between blockchains is realized.

Break through the barriers between independent blockchains, and provide the foundation for building the world interoperability ecology of blockchains.

Help the existing blockchain achieve better expansion and value sharing.

Help the infrastructure of the existing Internet business to connect with the blockchain.

To make sure the stability and security of ecosystem, Whitecoin’s reserve funds rate is 100%. Every WAMP has an authentic chain assets (such as BTC, ETH), the pledge is in the hot and cold multi signature address managed by RPOS consensus on the chain. So it ensures that all Whitecoin asset will not increase for no reason or destroy. Each asset increase or decrease corresponds to the user’s recharge or withdrawal of assets in the chain.

high efficiency

According to RPOS protocol, the Whitecoin’s main chain produces one block every 6 seconds. Compared to the BTC every 10 minutes and LTC every 2.5 minutes, the transaction’s confirmation speed has significantly improved. BTC’s or LTC asset transfer performance or trading on Whitecoin’s main chain is about 100 times that of BTC’s main chain and 25 times that of LTC.

Whitecoin’s TPS theory (Transactions Processed per Second) have reached 10,000. It’s enough to carrying high load transactions on multiple chains.

Smart contract

Whitecoin users using Turing’s complete smart contracts. It can flexibly expand and customize complex business logic and complex financial contracts.

On the basis of not modifying the original chain code, Whitecoin can make token contract, transaction contract, lock  contract, all kinds of DAPP contracts and other restricted and controllable dynamic expansion functions.

Whitecoin chain’s trading fee can be XWC and it also supports multiple WAMP payment, so user can transact directly via XWC or WAMP, and there is no need to be concerned about the fee.

The rate of exchange fees on the Whitecoin network is not fixed, but determined by market dynamics. With the fluctuation of Whitecoin asset prices, the WAMP required by the exchange will also fluctuate up and down.

Well prepared and aim for success

In February 2021,BNB reached the highest price $342.8. Even though there is a drop, but according to CMC data, BNB’s total return of invest is still about 2200 times, it became a veritable 1000x coin.

Among them, BSC has contribute a lot. An ecosystem based on DeFi, NFT&Games and infrastructure has been formed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and more than 100 projects have been launched. There are more than 80 ecological projects related to DeFi on BSC, and they are still increasing, covering the fields of decentralized exchanges, chain loans, synthetic assets, derivatives, cross chain, Oracle, insurance, payment, etc.

At December 17th 2020, Coinbase submitted a registration draft to the SEC (United States Securities and Exchange Commission), disclosing its listing intention for the first time. In the last three months of 2020, Coinbase’s Annualized Return is 2.3 billion dollar (Nearly 0.6 billion each season). Some reports define Coinbase’s market value has reached 100 billion. As a representative of qualified exchange, Coinbase’s list manifestation will spread out to other bitcoin exchanges. Investors directly benchmarked the market value of Binance to the value of Coinbase, which led to a sharp rise in the market value of BNB.

In fact, benchmark Binance, Whitecoin also have a good ecosystem.

With the development of the industry, Whitecoin successfully launched Whitecoin mining machine, Whitecoin hardware wallet, Whitecoin blockchain cellphone, XECDice, SWCPoker, XWCMall and other ecology application.

We can see the price is rising. Now XWC’s return of invest is reaching 700 times, but Circulation market value is only one-thirtieth of BNB. In the same ecosystem, it’s valuation should be more than 3%.

We can see from the history data, XWC’s high point was 2.62 dollar, the thousand times increasing is only the price it was before, compared to 3000 times increasing of Binance, XWC still has lots space to climb.

From technology view, the improvement of cross chain technology will also become an important driving force for the rise of Whitecoin.

As we know, now cross-chain is the most important race track among blockchain fields. The arrival of cross-chain, is an important technical reform plan for fixing blockchain developing barriers, building the foundation by ending the parallel single chain’s isolated status and realizing Interoperability, and value the Internet.

Polkadot can not only realize cross-chain asset, which is asset transfer, and realize contract cross-chain. Finally, it can achieve low cost, high security, strong compatibility of multiple chains, strong compilation ability of different programming languages in different chains and realize data interchange between chains to make more value.

Now, Whitecoin has already integrated BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT and even all ERC-20 cross-chain transaction of contract token, expanding cross-chain ecology to EOS, XRP and other fine assets. Whitecoin built a cross-chain ecology synthesis via Random RProof of Stake (RPOS), Whitecoin Axis, Whitecoin wallet, decentralized pool and intelligent contract platform.

Polkadot detonated the market enthusiasm for this race track, it squeeze into the sixth position in the encryption market with the current market value of 32 billion dollar. As a reference, Whitecoin’s market value is only one-twentieth of Polkadot, the future rising is looking forward to.

In bull market, everyday is different. The industry keeps moving forward。 What more surprise will Whitecoin bring to us? Let’s wait and see.

Disclaimer: The views, suggestions, and opinions expressed here are the sole responsibility of the experts. No Gazette Maker journalist was involved in the writing and production of this article.