Synbit uses synthetic assets to build a more comprehensive income market and volatility structure to boost the development of DeFi

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With the momentum of liquidity mining getting stronger and stronger, DeFi is transforming traditional financial products into protocols at a hundred times faster. Decentralized trading platforms, stablecoins, decentralized lending and borrowing platforms, synthetic assets, and insurance products will all be decentralized, trustless and transparent in the decentralized network protocols. We believe that compared with traditional finance, DeFi has a more ambitious vision, that is to allow anyone to publicly own or trade any financial assets anywhere in the world.

Because DeFi lacks some basic products and services, it is still incomplete in the construction of a “decentralized financial market (DeFi market)” and needs the support of structured financial tools.

We find that in the traditional financial market, a large number of monetary asset collaterals, including short-term debt collaterals, long-term debt collaterals based on sovereign credit, and quasi-currency created based on repurchase or asset securitization, constitute large-scale financial derivative instruments and form a systematic financial market, playing an important role in risk management, asset pricing, and improving market liquidity. DeFi also requires durable and stable assets and liquidity. Currently, the basic assets supporting liquidity mining can be roughly divided into three categories: Transaction fees, income from loan interest rate spreads, and guaranteed governance tokens. When basic asset income (or “productivity”) is insufficient to sustain the credit boom, a risk similar to the traditional “financial crisis” will appear.

Synbit is committed to building a more comprehensive income market and volatility structure. In the mapping process of traditional financial market products, it has broken through the construction of comprehensive decentralized financial derivatives, laying a rich and solid asset foundation for the development of the DeFi industry. In the setting of collaterals, Synbit supports multiple pledge methods, such as ETH, stablecoins, and SYN. The mortgage rate of each asset is calculated through modeling based on the stability of its price. In the future, the calculation model and its mortgage rate can be adjusted through the community governance mechanism. Users can mortgage the synthetic assets issued or directly exchange with other types of synthetic assets by purchasing synthetic assets. Synbit’s excess mortgage mechanism and unique liquidation mechanism ensure the safety of all debts. The collaterals can perfectly cover the debts, which means that the systemic risks mentioned above are unlikely to occur in Synbit. In order to attract users to participate in the Synbit ecosystem and ensure the smooth launch and sustainable development of the Synbit platform, the platform has formulated targeted incentive plans for ecological participants such as mortgagers, traders, and coin holders. In addition, Synbit adopts a unique debt pool model, traders do not need counterparties when trading, which effectively solves the liquidity and slippage problems faced by DEX (decentralized exchange). The multi-pledge, multi-form, and multi-reward setting can provide liquidity for Synbit’s continuous transfer of assets.

Of course, Synbit is more than that. We hope to fully map the traditional financial market and build a complete “decentralized financial market (DeFi market)”. From swaps to futures and options, interest rates, stocks, foreign exchange, commodities and other asset products are widely used on the chain to meet the needs of position risk balance, liquidity, hedging, leverage, and other investment portfolio and liquidity managements, create long-term value, and exploit the huge potential of the decentralized derivatives market. It will be the most promising part, the core of the entire DeFi ecosystem, and the most difficult part to accomplish and overcome in the DeFi industry.

We have overcome some of the problems-breaking the isolation of the DeFi protocol, and creating a financial product with rich risk-return characteristics – Synbit by making full use of the composability of DeFi. We will continue to explore the depth and breadth of products, redefine the nature of asset management, and meet the needs of professional investment consulting and services. Achieve our grand vision, which is to “combine everything and cross the financial boundary”.

Synbit will release a beta version on the Ethereum Kovan network on December 11. Synbit is a decentralized synthetic asset issuance protocol based on Ethereum smart contracts, allowing users to mint assets and trade financial derivatives in a decentralized manner. Every user who participates in the test and provides feedback will get a certain token incentive. Welcome to join the Synbit community to participate in the test. Specific test-related contents and test incentives will be released on the official Twitter and Discord channel later.

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Looking forward to entering a new world of synthetic assets together with you.

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