NEXTYPE, the new form of next generation blockchain game

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In Game industry,it is always a question that how to make games more interesting. For this point, combining games with new technologies should be considered a good way. A famous example is the extensive use of VR/ AR in the games. So far, on the well-known game platform STEAM, there are more than 4000 games with the “virtual reality (VR)” tag, accounting for 5.3% of the total number of games on the platform.

In fact, from the CryptoKitties to all kinds of blockchain games nowadays, the combination of game and blockchain technology has never stopped. With the continuous updating and iteration of blockchain technology, the modes of DeFi and NFT make the game rules decentralized formulation and virtual assets decentralized storage feasible technically. The convenience of the virtual assets on chain also brings more possibilities for the blockchain to land in the game.

Under this background, NEXTYPE is established for defining the new form of the next generation blockchain game. NEXTYPE hopes to offer a blockchain game platform which is high in proficiency and low in cost. To build a cross-chain integrated application ecosystem for the blockchain games.

Analysis of NEXTYPE

NEXTYPE is defined as the application ecology, which means that NEXTYPE not only needs to complete the underlying technical support and the self-research for blockchain games, but also provides an ecological platform for partners to participate in co-construction, co-governance and co-sharing. What efforts has NEXTYPE made to achieve these?

1.Games Matrix

As the first game of NEXTYPE, Mining Tycoon aims at developing a product with the properties of gaming and blockchain at the beginning. The game is based on the development path of traditional games. For example, Ming Tycoon uses the LAYA engine to develop the client and builds a complete system of player growth while added the method of DeFi in the economy system. Finally, NEXTYPE developed a next generation blockchain game that is totally different from what we have seen in the past.

Business games are undoubtedly the mainstream of the current leisure game market. Mining Tycoon uses the core game method of virtual mining to allow players to participate in the game process of upgrading the mining machine at a low threshold, let players experience the fun of the game and gain profit through the stakes with DeFi. In addition to NT reward, mining will also produce other buff props that are conducive to the growth in the game. At the same time, it can also produce props that represent the identity of high-level players: mining license, which is an essential prop to participate in the high-level BTC mining pool. Players can collect and stake the mining license to mine BTC every day.

To provide more ecological partners with the channel for issuing the token, Mining Tycoon sets up the cooperative mining pool, that is, through the cooperation with NEXTYPE, high-quality projects can have their own token mining pool. And through the multi-dimensional data accumulation and analysis of players’ mining machines, mining grade and mining outputs, the partners can obtain the most accurate user portrait in the whole network and customize the mining mechanism for the target users. For partners with IDO needs, Mining Tycoon can also provide corresponding support for ecological resources.

Mining Tycoon also carries the mission of launching the second game of NEXTYPE, NFT Master. The NFT of artists will be broken into 1000 pieces, each piece corresponds to an NFT, which is randomly distributed in each mining pool. Players collect NFT through stake mining. When the collection of 1000 pieces is completed, the whole NFT painting will be completely lit, And NFT Master will also officially launch. NFT Master is a game specialized in creating and trading NFT. By cooperating with famous IPs, players can create their own NFT works and complete the transaction.

NEXTYPE will also launch 8-10 self-developed games in this year and cooperate with at least 10 games to create NEXTYPE games matrix.

2. Protocol support

The construction and prosperity of the ecology need stable and convenient infrastructure. In terms of stability, the rapid rise of public chains such as HECO and BSC, as well as the gradual maturity of ETH layer 2 and ETH 2.0, have brought revolutionary changes to the improvement of blockchain games and the game experience of players.

In terms of convenience, NEXTYPE has developed NVEP (NFT Value Exchange Protocol) and NCCP (NFT Cross-Chain Protocol) to solve the difficult situation of NFT transaction. And it also realizes the multi form swap between NFT and NFT, NFT and FT, and storage、exchange and circulation of NFT among different chains.

Moreover, the smart contracts has been audited by CERTIK, which means the security of players’ property is guaranteed.

3.Resource Integration

NEXTYPE has reached strategic cooperation with SeeSea Japan, a well-known Japanese company, and Quaras, a subsidiary of Fuji Media. This is an important milestone for NEXTYPE to enter the Japanese IP market. Including some well-known anime IPs, NEXTYPE has signed up with more than 1000 IP units covering the mainstream IP from China, the US, Japan, and other countries.

Besides, NEXTYPE has been formally invited to join the BGA (Blockchain Game Alliance), So far, BGA has attracted more than 100 well-known institutions such as Ubisoft, AMD, and Aave, Opensea, Metamask, Matic. NEXTYPE will work with BGA and its members to promote the application and development of blockchain in the field of games.

And the CMO of NEXTYPE, Uncle David, who has over 20 million fans on the global video sharing Apps said he will promote the global pre-launch campaign, which means there will be millions of potential users for MiningTycoon!


According to the official news, time-limited whitelist reservation of MiningTycoon will be available next week, players with qualification will get rewarded.

As far as we are concerned, with high-quality games and better player’s experience, NEXTYPE will define the new form of next-generation blockchain games.

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