Mr. Based to Launch Purpose-Driven Memecoin on the Basechain

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Boston, USA, 31st May 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, The Mr. Based team is happy to announce the launch of its purpose-driven memecoin on the Base Blockchain. With a mission to positively impact the sector, Mr. Based offers users an opportunity to actively shape their community. This is possible through staking rewards, charitable donations, and partnerships with like-minded organizations. 

Thanks to a sustainable ecosystem, Mr. Based wants to set itself apart from other memecoins in Web3.

Launching Mr. Based: A New Era of Memecoins on the Base Blockchain

The imminent launch of Mr. Based marks a new era in memecoins on the Base Blockchain. Its purpose-driven approach and community focus set it apart from other meme-inspired cryptocurrencies. 

By contributing to MrBeast’s philanthropy organization, holders of Mr. Based tokens become active participants in shaping real-world impact through cryptocurrency.  

The project’s team, consisting of firefighters, software engineers, and a digital marketer, shares a passion for creating positive change. They aim to shift the narrative around memecoins, bringing integrity to a space often plagued by pump-and-dumps and rug pulls. 

Building a Purpose-Driven Ecosystem: The Mr. Based Promise

The Mr. Based token offers various benefits, such as staking rewards and contributing to philanthropic causes. By participating in staking, holders can earn additional tokens and support the network’s security.

Through a 10% buy and sell fee, the project discourages short-term trading and promotes long-term growth. A part of the fees goes towards marketing efforts, securing listings on major exchanges, and supporting charitable causes.

The token’s utility extends beyond its financial benefits with a purpose-driven ecosystem that positively impacts the world. Through staking rewards and philanthropic contributions, Mr. Based encourages a strong and engaged community.

With a total supply of 10 billion $MRBASED tokens, the project also ensures locked liquidity for stability and growth.

The Mr. Based team is committed to transparency. In this sense, the project has a maximum cap of 20% for founders and advisors buying at launch. Users can easily join the project’s growing community by adding Base to Metamask and swapping ETH for $MRBASED.

With a deflationary tokenomics structure, the circulating supply will decrease as demand theoretically rises. This setup also enhances price stability and discourages market manipulation on exchanges.

The project’s vision is to create a thriving ecosystem where users can both financially benefit and make a positive impact. Mr. Based offers exciting opportunities for those looking to be part of a purpose-driven community.

About Mr. Based

Mr. Based is a project built on the Base Blockchain, inspired by the work of MrBeast. It aims to empower change through cryptocurrency, with a passionate community behind it. The project not only focuses on fun and virality but also harnesses the power of community for positive impact. By holding $MRBASED tokens, users become active participants in shaping the project’s impact.

The roadmap for Mr. Based includes three phases packed with important milestones. The team’s plans culminate with a 1 billion market cap goal and the aspiration of being recognized by MrBeast himself. 

The project’s goals include creating an exclusive NFT collection with utility and purpose. Making substantial donations to the Beast Philanthropy Organization is also part of the picture.

The Summer launch of this project is gathering the attention of many crypto enthusiasts. Anyone wishing to join the Mr. Based community can visit the project’s website. It is also possible to refer to the social pages below to stay up-to-date with the latest announcements and developments.

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