Deeply enter the Web3.0 track and explore the infinite possibilities of bit crowdfunding

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On April 10, 2021, a crowdfunding platform Bit Crowd Funding launched on Huobi Chain Heco was like a big wave flooded into the major blockchain communities, refreshing everyone’s awareness of crowdfunding platforms, and allowing Bit Crowd Crowdfunding and its founder Robert Bearden gradually entered the public eye.

Break the walls of the crowdfunding industry and explode the fortress

Robert Bearden was originally one of the founders of the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. Before he founded Kickstarter, Robert Bearden was a geek. He did not agree with Perry Chen’s ideas. Perry Chen loves art and focuses on creating music. It is not to start an Internet company. This is difficult for a geek with a technical background. However, based on having the same idea, Robert Bearden chose the idea and eventually turned Kickstarter into a nonprofit website.

“It has always been my ideal to develop an open and some crowdfunding world. I hope it is a utopia where everyone can help each other. So, I chose the blockchain and delivered my life to the crowdfunding called Bit Crowdfunding. Platform”, this is why Robert Bearden is talking about the development of Bit Crowdfunding. Robert Bearden, as a student of David Chaum (a representative of cypherpunk, he not only has the knowledge of cryptography, but also founded DigiCash in 1989, specializing in the research and development of digital currency and payment systems). Blockchain to develop bit crowdfunding is the best attempt for him, and the facts have also proved that Robert Bearden’s technology is sufficient to complete this idea.

With the support of several geek partners, Bit Crowdfunding obtained three venture capital investments from Crypto Box, Plough Investment and Creating Capital, established the Bit Crowdfunding Foundation, and registered a physical enterprise in Colorado in the western United States, obtaining the United States The MSB license and the American Excellent Enterprise Certification indicate that a global blockchain crowdfunding ecological platform is rising, helping more people to break through the capital barriers to realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

As a transparent, safe, and efficient global decentralized crowdfunding platform based on blockchain technology, Bit Crowdfunding takes fairness, openness, and justice as its core concepts, adopts an asset-light token economic model with BTCF as the core, and combines The unique DeFi incentive system and the dual-track distributed service architecture of the DAO governance model will ultimately create an inclusive crowdfunding ecosystem with deep scalability and sustainable development, and promote the development of global open finance and DeFi.

Bit crowdfunding will become an accelerator in the crowdfunding industry.

Funding has always been a difficult problem facing entrepreneurship. Some good ideas often pop up in our minds, but if you don’t have a rich dad, you won’t have the chance to make them a reality. The emergence of Bit Crowdfunding responds to this demand and satisfies the financing needs of creators to the greatest extent.

Traditional crowdfunding platforms, after creators raise funds, supporters can do very little for the subsequent use of funds. Once the project fails, the situation of supporters will be very passive. Because it does not want to bear the operating costs related to mediation or escrow, the platform does not assume the role of arbitration or escrow agent, and crowdfunding is regarded as a “donation”, which causes the supporters to be unable to take timely measures when the project faces failure Reduce losses. Creators are also prone to problems, because they don’t have to take responsibility. The result is excessive commitment, too much delay and failure, which ultimately leads to the loss of supporters’ confidence, which is detrimental to the healthy development of crowdfunding.

Bit crowdfunding is different. First of all, it is non-closed. The quality of the online project will be monitored by the entire network, eliminating the possibility of supporters ignorant of the project. Secondly, cryptocurrency is queried, and bit crowdfunding will be able to do so. Audit the flow of each crowdfunding fund, but initiate processing in a timely manner when there is a risk warning. Furthermore, it is community autonomy. Bit crowdfunding delegates all governance power to the autonomous community, and each participant has the right to govern and the duty of supervision, prompting participants to spontaneously maintain the entire Bit crowdfunding ecosystem.

We hope that Bit Crowdfunding is an open source crowdfunding world. We advocate cypherpunk and we advocate a fair world.” This is the manifesto of the Bit Crowdfunding Foundation. We are committed to supporting every creativity and protecting creators. Escort. At the same time, don’t forget the generous donation of supporters. Bit Crowdfunding always insists that the value generated based on users will be completely based on BTCF (BTCF is issued by the Bit Crowdfunding Foundation and is based on blockchain technology. The digital currency managed by BTCF DAO) returns to the principle of users, and is committed to becoming an accelerator in the crowdfunding industry as the goal.

The new darling of the Web3.0 application track.

Bit Crowdfunding believes that the world of web 3.0 belongs to a decentralized and open new Internet, and peer-to-peer networks and blockchains are an important part of the application of Web 3.0. Web 3.0 will create a fair open source network world. , And Bit Crowdfunding is a branch of this open source network world, committed to creating a fair and open crowdfunding ecosystem and becoming the infrastructure of HP Finance in the Web3.0 era.

Bit Crowdfunding uses blockchain technology to implement a credible entity system on a distributed network, and uses cryptographic methods to associate the generated data blocks. Each data block contains transaction information for a certain period of time, and each data block contains The Hash value of the previous block is used to verify the validity of the information. Since the blockchain is a decentralized distributed database, every small change will change the entire state. In blockchain technology, this change can be quickly found and corrected quickly. The information stored on the blockchain It is unchangeable, which greatly guarantees the authenticity and security of the data on the crowdfunding platform.

Bit Crowdfunding itself hopes to be an aggregator in the Web3.0 era, combining all the forces, and continuously and long-term promoting the development of decentralized networks, so that all decentralized applications can be connected through the bridge of Bit Crowdfunding To the Web3.0 blockchain technology, whether it is mining, DeFi, NFT, or storage, it is an indispensable route in the Web3.0 process. Bit crowdfunding will also work to provide impetus to the development of the blockchain industry. More people can experience a new and more open Internet.

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