Cathy Sun Analysed Upgrade And Innovation Of Digital Asset Encryption Technology

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New York, NY-Cathy Sun, the CEO of the Blockchain News Portal Linlu Media, expressed her ideas on the future of digital asset encryption technology during an interview.

Nowadays, as cryptocurrency reaches an unprecedented popularity and digital assets are fast becoming the order of the day, innovation in digital asset encryption technology is the need of the hour. It goes without saying that beefing up the security of a blockchain infrastructure requires some serious innovation and that’s where many crypto exchanges need to step up their game. Upgrading and innovation of digital asset encryption technology, therefore, remains on the priority list of many crypto exchanges.

“Cryptocurrencies and all types of digital assets are reliant on highly encrypted and secure agreement that validates all transactions and empowers the decentralized economy. As blockchain-based decentralized economy is growing by leaps and bounds, it is now time for the players on the market to upgrade and enhance the security of the decentralized networks. This would result in the networks and exchanges offering improved security to the end users – the investors. “Cathy Sun told the press.

In a bid to encourage more and more crypto exchanges and crypto advisors in exploring the scope for innovation, investor guides and whitepapers need to be published. Securing the blockchain-based economy would drive the next innovation wave in the cryptocurrency industry for sure, and investor guides and related literature would also increase alongside.

Rapid advances in the processing power of high-end computing systems and developments on the quantum computing front have spelled the need for quantum-compliant encryption solutions for the blockchain technology. Top exchanges and crypto experts believe this would propel the blockchain-based economy to its next level, where the technology would start to be globally adopted. While many tech experts and crypto analysts have pointed out the need for quantum-compatible digital assets before, more market-driven innovations are likely to emerge in the coming days.

“This is quite important for both crypto investors and the global blockchain community. The aggregate value of the crypto industry worldwide is based on the security mechanism adopted by current crypto exchanges. There is already an investment opportunity of securing the future of the decentralized economy and many players on the market are working in that direction.” Sun continued.

The independent providers of blockchain technology also realize the importance of upgrade and innovation of digital asset encryption technology to a large extent. These independent providers cater to the professional community of crypto analysts and investors and offer myriad investment and financial solutions. Thanks to the advanced digital asset encryption technology, companies like ETH2 AI digital assets exchange are well regulated.

“Disruptive innovation certainly needs a disciplined and methodical approach toward risk mitigation and investor education. “the CEO concluded.


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